Supernatural Mass Cast Exodus, Office Revival and More April Fools' Pranks We Definitely Did Not Fall For

April Fools Jokes

Fool us once, shame on you. But fool us on April Fools’ Day? Shame on us in perpetuity.

Right on schedule, TV celebs channeled their inner Pranksy McPranksterson on Monday, taking to social media to “announce” dramatic cast overhauls, classic sitcom revivals and long-anticipated premiere dates.

Supernatural star Misha Collins shared the “news” the series’ leading men — Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles — would not be involved in the show’s recently-confirmed final season. “Gabriel and Cas will be the only series regulars in Season 15,” he declared on Twitter. “Sorry to see Sam and Dean go! But the boys will always be part of the Supernatural family. We’ll miss you Jared and Jensen.”

Meanwhile, Adam Rose, who appeared in two episodes of the CW drama as Aaron Bass, teased the arrival of the spinoff Supernatural: Judah Initiative (a reference to the magical society his recurring character is a part of).

Former Office scene-stealer Rainn Wilson was also in full-tilt troll mode, advising fans of the NBC comedy to “stay tuned for a big announcement” from Netflix.

Scroll down for a rundown of today’s notable hoaxes, and then hit the comments with a truthful answer to this question: Did you fall for any of the below?