Supergirl Recap: White House Down

Supergirl Recap

The hunt for Eve Teschmacher led to a beautiful new alliance on Sunday’s Supergirl. (It also led to Kara’s doppelganger burning down the White House with her heat vision, but I’m choosing to focus on the positive here.)

First things first: Supergirl, Alex and Lena agreed to put their differences aside, forming my favorite female supergroup since Legends of Tomorrow gave us the Sirens of Space-Time. After interrogating one of Eve’s test-subject cousins — who was absolutely played by the same actress who just had “a lot of feelings” in Mean Girls — the trio narrowed its scope, which led to the discovery of some artificial haranel.

Lena came clean about her no-longer-secret experiments, which Alex defended, explaining to Supergirl that Lena’s work has already saved several people, including James. And much to my (and Alex’s and Lena’s) surprise, Supergirl agreed, apologizing and asking for bygones. Go team!

Supergirl eventually tracked down Eve — or at least a hologram of Eve — in Washington, D.C., but it was merely a trap to hold her back while Red Daughter infiltrated the White House, lighting up the Oval Office with her heat vision right after the Alien Amnesty Act was formally repealed. I’m not going to lie, that final image of “Supergirl” hovering above the White House as it burned was actually pretty haunting:

Supergirl White House

I was pleasantly surprised that Alex and Lena believed Supergirl wasn’t responsible for the attack, but I was even more surprised that Colonel Haley seemed to agree. Either way, with Supergirl being declared “public enemy No. 1” by the president, Kara might want to lay low — or at least stay out of costume — for a while.

Elsewhere this week…

* Still very sorry about murdering Manchester Black, J’onn summoned his father’s spirit for guidance, which he immediately regretted when M’yrnn demanded he return his sacred symbols. And like most father-son disagreements, the whole thing was eventually settled with a screaming match, a brief nap and a piping hot cup of coffee (pronounced “c-offee,” in this case). In the end, J’onn discovered that the key to his salvation is embracing his inner manhunter, rather than fighting it. Before returning to Martian Heaven, M’yrnn also apologized for not imparting his unconditional love sooner. (But where, I wonder, did J’onn go at the end of the episode?)

* Clearly still rattled by the trauma of his shooting — which we know because Kelly is ” a psychologist who specializes in trauma,” damn it! — James lashed out at his sister for trying to control him, telling her that she might as well go home. But after witnessing Red Daughter’s attack and flashing back to his own ordeal, he couldn’t ignore his trauma anymore, asking Kelly to stick around and help him out.

* Lena paid her mother a few super-tense visits in prison this week, during which Lillian dropped all sorts of motherly wisdom, including that the heart is an “overrated organ.” But it was Lena whose words proved most powerful, as she revealed that Lex had planned to murder Lillian — so which child should she really be trusting here?

* I’m also glad Brainy got his ring back, but Supergirl’s delivery of “Keep it close, you never know when you might need it” felt a little too intentional. Color me intrigued.

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