The Walking Dead: Best of Season 9, From Rick's 'Demise' to Alpha's Attack


Head still spinning in the wake of The Walking Dead’s penultimate episode of Season 9? We get it. In fact, we so get it that, in hopes of bracing ourselves along with you for the AMC drama’s finale Sunday (9/8c), we’ve come up with a countdown of the season’s biggest shockers… well, at least thus far. (We figured it couldn’t hurt to be reminded that, on this show, anything can happen — and if it’s horrifying, it probably will!)

Included in the list are a “death sentence” that we didn’t expect to require quotation marks around it, a showdown that was years in the making, the resolution of a whodunit and, of course, the momentous scene that caused so many of us to lose our minds when we found out how many (and which) characters had lost their lives to mark Alpha’s territory. There’s even one moment in there that’s likelier to make you say “Aww!” than “Ew!” for a change.

To check out our picks for Season 9’s biggest moments, just click on the gallery to the right — or go here for direct access. Then hit the comments with your finale fears. Is there anyone you’re afraid won’t make it out alive?

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