Animal Kingdom Gets a Season 4 Premiere Date and Chilling New Trailer

If we were Animal Kingdom’s Smurf, we’d be shaking in our slippers right about now. In a new trailer announcing that Season 4 of the addictive TNT drama will kick off on Tuesday, May 28, J warns his Grandmommie Dearest, “Everything you have… everyone you ever loved… I’m gonna take it all.” What’s more, an out-of control Pope approaches the erstwhile Janine with fury in his eyes and a bat in his hands.

Of course, Smurf being Smurf, she doesn’t appear to be fazed in the slightest. In fact, the smooth criminal seems intent on operating her business as usual. Her boys, however, have begun pulling off heists without filling her in — a big no-no.

Also included in the action-packed promo is our first glimpse of Emily Deschanel in action as Angela; the actress is returning to television for the first time since Bones wrapped its decade-long run two years ago to play an old drug buddy of J’s ill-fated mother, Julia.

As previously reported, Sohvi Rodriguez (Mia) has been bumped up to series-regular status for Season 4, and Jon Beavers (The Long Road Home), Grant Harvey (The Crossing) and Leila George (Mortal Engines) will all recur.

To check out the trailer, press PLAY on the video above. Then hit the comments with your hopes/fears for the Cody clan in Season 4.

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