Bones' Emily Deschanel Goes Bad in Animal Kingdom Season 4 First Look

animal-kingdom-season-4-spoilers photos emily deschanel

If that isn’t the face of someone who’s up to no good, we don’t know what is! TVLine has obtained an exclusive first look at Emily Deschanel in action in the upcoming Season 4 of TNT’s criminally addictive Animal Kingdom — and judging from the way that the Bones vet is casting a backward glance in the image, it’s safe to say that her new character is leaving as much trouble behind her as she stands to make going forward.

Per the network, Deschanel’s Angela, who’s only recently been released from prison, is the former BFF of Pope’s late sister, J’s mother Julia. When the drama returns this summer, the recovering junkie shows up at the Cody clan’s sweet digs and tries to “snake her way back into the family’s good graces.”

Which, as you can imagine, will be easier said than done. Though Angela is described as “a survivor — scrappy [and] manipulative,” the addict’s past as Julia’s drug buddy makes her persona non grata as far as J’s concerned. Smurf’s antennae will also go up upon Angela’s arrival. (Then again, the Codys’ matriarch is suspicious of most people.) So Angela may make her top priority getting in good — and getting in bed — with Julia’s off-kilter twin, Pope.

The Animal Kingdom arc represents Deschanel’s first TV gig since Bones wrapped its decade-long run two years ago.

What do you think, Animal Kingdom fans? Will Deschanel’s alter ego manage to replace Amy in Pope’s heart? Or will she meet the same fate as J’s last victim? (R.I.P., Morgan.)