The Resident Recap: Julian's Fate Is Revealed — Plus: 'Sever' Gets Decoded

The Resident Season 2

How are your arms feeling, Resident fans? After all, you’ve been hanging onto that cliff for a mighty long time.

The just-renewed Fox drama has kept viewers in the dark about Julian Booth’s fate since November, when her plans to expose QuoVadis’ fraud resulted in a car wreck that landed her vehicle at the bottom of a river. A few weeks back, Julian’s car was recovered, but she wasn’t in it — and on Monday’s episode, we finally learned whether Julian survived the crash.

Not only did Julian make it out of the wreck alive, but she essentially escaped unscathed. At the beginning of Monday’s hour, Julian makes a surprise appearance at Chastain Park’s latest morbidity and mortality conference, where Devon is shocked to see her stand at the podium and discuss her regrets about working with QuoVadis. (Even more stunning: There’s not a scratch on her!)

Julian later reveals to Devon that she was able to get out of her car once it hit the river and swim to safety, though she kept a low profile for fear that Gordon would retaliate against her, and potentially Devon, again. In fact, the only person who knew Julian’s whereabouts this entire time was Marshall Winthrop, who agreed not to tell anyone where she was hiding. But now that Julian is back in the public eye, Marshall wants to work with her and get QuoVadis back on the right track — in other words, legal track — together.

Given her traumatic first experience with QuoVadis and Gordon, Julian declines Marshall’s offer to get back into business with the company, even though it would be ethical this time around. Instead, Julian tells Marshall that she wants to start a nonprofit that holds device companies like QuoVadis accountable for their work. Marshall is intrigued by the idea, and he agrees to help her bring it to fruition while he attempts to rehabilitate QuoVadis. (During their conversations, we also learn the meaning of “sever,” the word that Abe Benedict scrawled on a piece of paper during last week’s episode. “Sever” refers to a study that was done on QuoVadis’ VNS devices a few months back, in which a shocking 15 out of 20 patients died after having their VNS implanted. Yikes.)

As for Julian and Devon? They waste no time hooking up once Julian returns to Atlanta, and they both admit they have feelings for one another. But the romance is short-lived, at least for now: Julian realizes that she’ll have to be fully committed to her nonprofit if she wants to get it off the ground, which will mean traveling the world and working constantly. Devon understands completely, and he and Julian agree to put their relationship on the back burner until the time is (hopefully, eventually) right for the two of them to be together.

Elsewhere in the episode…

* Alec urges Nic to have a conversation with him about their awkward romantic tension. He’s very open about his feelings for her, acknowledging that they won’t be going away anytime soon — but Nic merely replies that she loves Conrad, and she and Alec should solely remain focused on their clinic work.

* Speaking of Nic, her estranged father (played by Psych‘s Corbin Bernsen) arrives in Atlanta, allegedly to help Jessie through her rehab and recovery. But Nic is furious to learn that he’s really in town to pitch Chastain Park on a new app he’s developing. Nic calls him out on his lackluster parenting throughout the years, and he agrees to try harder with both of his daughters now that he’s in Atlanta for a while.

* After giving it several weeks of thought (which is never really a good sign), Mina decides to accept Micah’s marriage proposal — but Micah’s plans have changed. After watching how intensely Mina weighed the pros and cons of getting engaged, Micah realized that they don’t love one another on quite the same level. He tells Mina that they’re not meant to be together and breaks things off with her.

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