Nicollette Sheridan Exits Dynasty: Here's How She Was Written Out

Dynasty Nicollette Sheridan

Friday’s episode of Dynasty marked Nicollette Sheridan‘s final hour as Alexis Carrington — and boy did she go out in a blaze of glory.

This week’s installment finally reunited Alexis with her long-lost son Adam, but things turned from celebratory to sour when Adam revealed that he knows she tried to pass Hank off as her son first. It also didn’t help that Adam walked in on his estranged mother burning the evidence of the DNA results she paid to have faked.

In a surprisingly touching moment of — dare I say it — humanity, Alexis owned up to her misdeeds, acknowledging they were “despicable.” Still, she insisted she was a desperate woman who would have done anything to get her family back. Adam “accepted” Alexis’ apology, giving her permission to burn the rest of the evidence.

Unfortunately, Alexis didn’t realize this was a test. You see, Adam’s a real stickler for the truth after being lied to his whole life, so when it became clear that Alexis would never be the honest mother he’s hoped for, Adam grabbed her by the head and pushed her into the damn fireplace. (If she’d also been privy to the flashback in which Adam poisoned his other “mother,” she might not be so trusting.)

The logical conclusion is that Alexis will need extensive plastic surgery to repair the damage to her face, a procedure from which she’ll emerge looking like a completely different actress. When TVLine broke the news of Sheridan’s departure from the CW drama, we reported that the role was likely being recast, which the actress confirmed at the end of her farewell statement: “I am hopeful that my fans will embrace my successor with as much passion as they embraced me.”

Either way, fans are likely hoping for a speedy recovery for the former Mrs. Carrington; she’ll need all her strength to face off against Blake’s half-sister Dominique Deveraux (played by Michael Michele), an iconic Dynasty character joining the show in a recurring capacity later this season.

Sheridan made her debut as Alexis midway through Dynasty‘s first season, eventually being promoted to series regular for Season 2. Though she won’t be returning, Dynasty was recently renewed by The CW for a third season.

Your thoughts on Sheridan’s final episode? Ideas for which actress should play the next Alexis? Hopes for the future of Alexis and the rest of the Carringtons? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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