American Idol Season 17: Top 10 Singers to Watch in Hollywood Week

American Idol Top 10 Season 17

Now that American Idol‘s audition rounds are (finally!) over, it’s time to look ahead to Hollywood Week, where the judges will separate the true stars from the false idols.

But with so many auditions in the bank — at least 50+ made it to air, complete with emotional backstories — how do we know which singers we should be keeping an eye on? That’s where you come in. Well, that’s there you came in. All throughout the audition process, Team TVLine has been polling our readers to find out which singers they’re digging thus far.

Some of the singers on our list are predictable — for example, our readers were thrilled to have Laine Hardy back in their lives — but others may genuinely surprise you, like how Hardy surprised Katy Perry when he showed up to play guitar for a friend’s audition. (“Good golly, Miss Molly! Laine, do you got new teeth? You’ve gone all Hollywood on us! What is going on?”)

Hollywood Week kicks off Sunday (ABC, 8/7c) and continues Monday (8/7c) with a second night of shenanigans. Browse our gallery of the top 10 Idol auditions — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment below: Is there anyone you’re excited to see who didn’t make the list?

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