Legacies Recap: Landon's Dark History Is Even Muddier Than We Imagined

Legacies Recap

Before Thursday’s Legacies, I would have argued that Hope had the franchise’s most twisted family history, but the more we learn about Landon’s lineage, the more the Mikaelsons start to look like the Bradys.

As revealed by Agent Clark this week, Landon’s father was once a golem known as the “Eater of the Dark.” He was created 1,000 years ago by the “unholy alliance” of a witch, a vampire and a werewolf in order to combat their shared enemy: a dragon. Unfortunately, Papa Landon proved too effective, consuming every monster he could find. He also attempted to create offspring of his own, including a handsome mud baby whom we know as… Agent Clark. (Gasp! Landon has a brother!)

Unfortunately, Landon’s big bro was not the perfect creation their father had hoped for, so he cast him aside like the handsome trash he was. In retaliation, Clark told some nearby humans about his father’s unnatural desire to create a new species. The humans recruited a coven of witches to bind Landon’s father using three magical locks, then returned him to his true form: an endless dark pit by the name of… Malivore. (Double gasp! Malivore is Landon’s father!)

Over time, the secret society guarding Malivore evolved into a monster clean-up business known as Triad Industries. But power inevitably corrupted the once-noble institution, and “monsters” became code for “whoever they didn’t like and wanted to be forgotten.” All this corruption made Clark very sad, so he tossed himself into… his father… and was only released recently in order to find Landon. As Malivore’s only blood relative, Landon alone possesses the ability to return his father to his original form, or risk having Triad convert Malivore into a weapon that could be used against the very species he was created to protect.

Speaking of Triad, this week’s episode ended with the organization’s goons storming the Salvatore School, where Lizzie and Josie had just learned the truth about the merge (at last!) from an extremely emotional and apologetic Alaric. That whole conversation wrecked me, honestly. It was right up there with Jo’s goodbye scene after the twins’ birthday party when they all just sat around sobbing and being a family.

I’m also a little concerned that we already know which twin (*cough* Josie *cough*) would survive a potential merge. And judging by the look on Lizzie’s face when Josie sent her flying across the bedroom, I’d say suspects the same. That said, I was encouraged by Josie’s insistence that the merge is a “curse” on the Gemini twins. Curses can be broken… right?

Also worth discussing…

* Hope finally dropped the L-bomb on Landon — well, “Landon” — during a lakeside chat with a magical hologram version of her kidnapped boyfriend.

* We also need to talk about Rafael and Hope. I’m glad they’re finally able to talk about their complicated feelings for one another, but I’m not sure they’ve actually resolved anything. All of their conversations still feel super flirty, even when they’re about his mental health and loss of control. Why do I feel like this won’t end well?

* I’ve been wondering about Emma’s future at the Salvatore School ever since Karen David was promoted to a series regular on Fear the Walking Dead, and I finally got my answer this week: She’s taking a sabbatical, but first, she convinced Alaric to reach out to Dorian for help.

* I appreciated Roman telling Hope that she’s not a mistake and that the cosmos is lucky to have her, but also… what? It hasn’t been that long since the final season of The Originals, right? I guess I should commend Hope for being so chill around the guy who helped orchestrate her mother’s murder, but Roman’s little redemption story feels unnecessary.

Were you surprised by the reveal of Malivore as Landon’s father? What are your hopes for next week’s finale? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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