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Supergirl EPs Tease Lex Luthor's Master Plan: How Did He Recruit [Spoiler]? And What's His Next Move?

Supergirl Recap

Jon Cryer made his highly anticipated debut as Supergirl‘s Lex Luthor on Sunday in an episode that revealed James’ fate, featured a long-overdue first kiss, and exposed a double agent hiding in plain sight. It was a lot.

Here’s a quick summary of the night’s events: As we gradually learned throughout the episode, Lex orchestrated a blackout in National City to force Lena to use her super serum on James, which she did. Success! We then learned that Lex, who was dying of cancer, also used the serum on himself, assisted by two surprising accomplices: Otis (who’s alive!) and none other than Eve Tesmacher. (Oh, did I mention that Lex is the one who orchestrated James’ shooting? Important!)

Elsewhere, Nia and Brainy shared their first kiss, though Brainy feared they were moving too quickly because of everything happening around them. And J’onn, who believed Manchester Black was the one who shot James, finally gave into his killer urges and murdered his longtime foe.

TVLine attended a screening of Sunday’s episode, where executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller addressed lingering questions about Lex’s next moves, J’onn’s downward spiral and more…

LEX LUTHOR VS. SUPERGIRL | “We have a lot of fun with Lex and Kara coming up,” Rovner promises. But first, “we get to see what Lex has been up to in the past, how he’s intersected with our cast unbeknownst to our characters. Everything that he’s doing permeates the rest of the season.” Lex will also find himself going up against James, who will exact his revenge against the man who had him shot. Rovner says, “We’ll see them lock horns by the season finale.”

EVE’S A BAD APPLE | Now that we know Lena’s new assistant has also been assisting Lex, it’s time to find out why. “A lot of [Eve’s] backstory gets filled in in the next episode,” Rovner says. “At the end of the next episode, Lex Luthor is still on the loose. Eve is one of those threads we’re on the hunt for.” Adds Queller, “You will get the backstory on how Lex and Eve met, and how he’s masterminded her as his spy and brilliant helper throughout the time that we have known Eve.”

J’ONN’S DOWNWARD SPIRAL | Now that J’onn has finally given into his urge to kill Manchester Black, a new journey for the reluctant manhunter is about to begin. “J’onn’s identity crisis also brings us to a very emotional place,” Queller says. “He’s sort of the phoenix rising from the ashes. He has to really soul search and forge a new path.” Episode 17 will specifically focus on J’onn’s struggle, and features a special appearance from Carl Lumbly as the late, great M’yrnn J’onzz.

FROM ALEX TO KELLY | We already know that James’ sister is staying put in National City — actress Azie Tesfai will be a series regular in Season 5 — but it sounds like Kelly Olsen will be doing more than just looking after her brother. “Kelly and Alex are going to become close,” Queller says, all but confirming that a new romance is finally in the cards for Kara’s lovesick sister.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR ‘BRAINIA’? | The “pitch-perfect” kiss that Brainy and Nia shared this week was “sort of the beginning of their will-they-won’t-they romance,” Queller says. “The actors and the writers did such a wonderful job creating a flirtation. [Nicole Maines and Jesse Rath] are so marvelous.”

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