Arrow: Here Are 10+ Questions the Big Flash-Forward Episode Better Answer

Arrow Flash Forward Episode

Arrow‘s Season 7 flash-forwards have ushered in one mystery after another. Thankfully, this week’s episode promises to deliver at least some long-awaited answers — as well as Oliver and Felicity’s baby (in a manner of speaking)!

In “Star City 2040 (airing Monday at 8/7c on The CW), the grown Queen children, Mia and William, head out on “a dangerous mission” to the Glades, where they run into Dinah, Roy and Zoe. The episode’s flash-forwards will also shed light on Mia’s childhood with her mom, something about which we have questions. In fact, we have many queries about that tantalizing and mystifying (and bleak) future. So ahead of Monday’s time jump, we present all of our flash-forward Qs. (We only expect to have some answered next week, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?) NOW, UPDATED WITH (ANY) ANSWERS PROVIDED BY THE EPISODE!

1 | How did Oliver and Felicity hide her pregnancy from the outside world, namely their close friends and family? Really big ferns? ANSWER: They retreated to a new home in rural Bloomfield, where Felicity eventually gave birth.

2 | Why did Oliver and Felicity lose touch with William, as he claims? ANSWER: Inconclusive, though apparently some version of “to protect you.”

3 | Is Oliver dead in 2040? ANSWER: Inconclusive, though Mia wonders if Galaxy One aka the sinister Eden Corps was involved in “what happened to Dad.” It’s also worth noting that following the childbirth scene, Oliver is never seen again — even during Mia’s training as a tyke/teen.

4 | We’ve seen future versions of Roy, Rene and Dinah — but where is Diggle?! ANSWER: Dunno!

5 | Is Connor Hawke indeed Bronze Tiger’s grown-up son, as heavily hinted this past week? If so, does that mean Dante or Emiko is about to orphan the kid? ANSWER: Paternity unconfirmed.

6 | Why isn’t Dig’s biological son, John Jr., around in the future? (Remember: Although Legends of Tomorrow‘s version of 2046 represented an alternate future, John Jr. there operated as Connor Hawke aka Green Arrow.) ANSWER: Dunno!

7 | From whom did Mia learn to fight? Izzy? ANSWER: Even better — Nyssa!

8 | What exactly drove Felicity to go into hiding? ANSWER: She adopted the Calculator person to infiltrate Eden Corps, keeping even Dinah and Roy in the dark.

9 | How did Roy end up on Lian Yu, where William found him in the season opener? What happened between him and Thea? ANSWER: Dunno! But he seems to have a more hair-trigger temper than ever….

10 | When and why did Rene cross over to the other side? How did he become mayor of the Glades? (Was the word “hoss” part of his campaign slogan?) ANSWER: Rene was fed a lie about the Star City “Reformation” project, believing residents would be evacuated prior to the bombing.

11 | Was there a specific incident that caused Star City’s downfall and the Glades’ rise? ANSWER: TBD.

12 | Is Big Belly Burger still around in 2040? ANSWER: Let’s assume so. No future is that dystopian.

Arrow fans, which questions do you most want to see answered? Hit the comments with your picks!

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