One Day at a Time Cast, EPs React to Axing: 'We Had the Time of Our Lives'


One Day at a Time‘s stars and EPs are taking to social media to lament the show’s cancellation.

The critically acclaimed Netflix comedy was axed after three seasons on Thursday. A rep for the streamer cited the show’s low viewership as the reason. Shortly thereafter, executive producers Mike Royce and Gloria Calderón Kellett put out the following statement:

“Last night, Netflix told us they are cancelling One Day at a Time,” they wrote. “We had the time of our lives making this show. We worked with the best, most giving and talented cast, writers and crew ever, as well as the incomparable Norman Lear. So while our hearts are very heavy, they are also bursting with the appreciation for this amazing experience.

“And for all of you. All of you who told us how much One Day at a Time means to you,” they continued. “We’ve worked on many shows, but never have we experienced the outpouring of love, connection, and support like we have with ODAAT. Along with our studio Sony, we will be exploring other places One Day at a Time can live, and with any luck we’ll find one. Either way our three seasons will always exist and be there for you and for us. In the meantime we want to thank everybody who watched. We love you.”

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Our last curtain call… We just got word that One Day at a Time will not be coming back. Idk where to begin or how to explain the heart break I’m feeling, so for now I’ll just say thank u. Thank u to every one that watched & especially to those who fought this renewal battle with us. Thank u to every fan that laughed & cried & went on this crazy journey with the Alvarez family. Thank u for making me feel so loved & supported. Thank u to our phenomenal cast & crew for being the most incredible team in show business. We created magic & no one can ever take that away from us. To my cast: because of u I am forever changed. Working alongside u has been a dream come true & the biggest learning experience of my life. I was an actress before, but ur talent, knowledge, willingness to collaborate & endless amount of love turned me into an artist. Hopefully I have a long career ahead of me, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never have another cast I fucking adore & admire as much as u. U are my family. And for the rest of our lives, I got you. To Mike, Gloria & Norman: u changed my life. Idk what I did to deserve having 3 of the most wonderful humans I’ve ever known as my bosses. I think I speak for the whole team when I say that u created a set that’s a once in a lifetime sorta deal. Thank u for making us feel worthy, important, & like we had so much to bring to the table. And thank u for giving us the chance to play in the incredible world u created. I’ve never felt as fulfilled as I did when I was on stage 25 & I pray that our paths cross over & over again as our careers continue. I love you. & finally, to my sweet Elena Alvarez: u are the most extraordinary, badass little lady I’ve ever known & I hope I’m even just 1/2 of the woman that u are when I grow up. Playing u has made me a much more empathetic, informed human. It’s made me want to be more aware, respectful, loving, present, forgiving, optimistic… be better. Ur passion for life & for improving the world & becoming the best version of urself u can possibly be will stay with me forever. Bc of u I dare to dream. Being ur vessel has been the greatest privilege & accomplishment of my life. I love you so endlessly. ❣️

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Sadly One Day at a Time will not be moving on to a 4th season. I don’t like using the word cancelled because being a part of this show has restored my faith in so many things about this country and humanity and I’m so happy and relieved that everyone on this show will be out there in this business making some important changes happen and paving some ways for the underrepresented. This is the most important job I’ve ever had and will forever be grateful for the brilliant friends I made and will forever be proud to be an Alvarez. God willing we will find another home. #odaat #lastcurtaincall #thealvarezs #netflix #victoralvarez #grateful #normanlear #gracias #sweet180mgmt #saveodaat

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Buenas noches, mi amor 💔

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