Loughlin & Huffman's College Bribery Bust: Late-Night Hosts Weigh In

Operation Varsity Blues” provided prime fodder for late-night monologues on Tuesday, with Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert et al cracking wise on the nationwide scheme involving 33 parents total — including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin — who allegedly paid hefty bribes to get their kids into elite colleges.

“Well, it looks like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are heading back to TV,” Meyers said, as an above-shoulder graphic featured the Desperate Housewives and Full House stars “newly cast” in Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black. “It’s the worst thing Felicity Huffman’s ever done, and the second worst thing Lori Loughlin has [done],” he said, insinuating that Fuller House was an even greater wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Colbert pointed out that this wouldn’t be Loughlin’s first offense. “Back in the ’90s, Loughlin was part of a notorious scheme where they made a pair of twins pretend to be one person,” he deadpanned. “No one knew!”

Coincidentally, Jimmy Kimmel’s guest on Tuesday was none other than Loughlin’s Fuller House costar Bob Saget, who was on to promote new ABC clip show Videos After Dark. While Loughlin’s current predicament was not discussed during Saget’s interview, Kimmel went all-in during his monologue, suggesting that music royalty was on to TV’s Aunt Becky before anyone else. “They’re saying this could be the Becky with the Good Hair that Beyoncé warned us about,” he said.

Both James Corden and Trevor Noah also addressed the scandal, though neither spent much time on it. The former alleged that Loughlin “could be going from Full House to the big house” — a joke only made 1.2 million times on Twitter — while the latter said that he expected this from a Desperate Housewife, but not from Aunt Becky.

Interestingly enough, Jimmy Fallon commented on the scheme without ever mentioning Huffman or Loughlin by name.

Which late-night reaction(s) to Operation Varsity Blues tickled your funny bone?