Stephen Colbert to Tucker Carlson: 'You're Awful on So Many Levels' for Offensive Radio Comments — Watch

Just hours after Tucker Carlson defended a series of sexist and offensive comments that recently resurfaced from the 2000s, Stephen Colbert had some harsh words for the Fox News host.

First, some context: As reported by Media Matters, Carlson called into the Bubba the Love Sponge shock jock radio program between 2006 and 2011 with disparaging remarks about women. In addition to calling them “extremely primitive,” he also made demeaning comments about specific famous women, including Arianna Huffington, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Carlson also defended former cult leader Warren Jeffs, who was convicted of child sexual assault in 2011. Despite Bubba the Love Sponge’s insistence that Jeffs was “an accessory to the rape of children,” Carlson maintained that the man is only in prison because “he’s weird and unpopular and he has a different lifestyle that other people find creepy.”

On Monday’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert recapped the “terrible things” Carlson has said over the years, including his insults about Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, who Carlson believes is “never going to be an attractive woman.”

“Harsh words from the next 007 here,” Colbert teased, later joking that “Tucker’s got a point, we have to protect the Supreme Court’s traditional high standards of physical beauty.”

The late-night host then addressed Carlson’s worrying comments about cult leader Jeffs, calling his defense of the felon “awful on so many levels… though on a positive note, I think R. Kelly just got a character witness!”

During Monday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host refused to apologize for any of his comments, vowing that “we will never bow to the mob, ever, no matter what.” (It should be noted, though, that The Late Show was taped prior to Carlson’s broadcast, and Colbert’s criticism was not a direct response to Carlson’s Monday show.)

Watch Colbert’s segment on Carlson above, then drop a comment below with your thoughts.