The Blacklist EP Teases Red's 'Strange, Surprising' Attempt to Escape Prison

The Blacklist Season 6

Raymond Reddington is about to attempt the con of his life.

Though Red is fresh off a victory in the courtroom, having been found not guilty of treason, tonight’s episode of The Blacklist (NBC, 9/8c) will nonetheless find him fed up with his life in prison.

The result? A jailbreak. Well, ideally.

“Knowing that the clock is running out on this court case, Red has no interest in being convicted or spending the rest of his life in prison,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp tells TVLine. “And he’s now ready to spring a plan that has been in the back of his mind for a while, and that would be to get out.”

Red will approach his escape plan with an acute sense of urgency, Bokenkamp adds, given that he still faces multiple charges and a potential death sentence, if convicted.

“I am confident we have a really strange, surprising plan that he would like to unfold before any kind of decision comes down from the court,” he teases. “This week is definitely Reddington’s opportunity to try and make a break for it.”

Since tonight’s episode will focus so heavily on Red’s courtroom proceedings and attempted escape, the recent revelations about Katarina Rostova (and her relationship to the real Red) will briefly go on the back burner.

“[This episode] is less about the mythology, because we got some big answers last time,” Bokenkamp confirms, adding that Red will give the task force a new blacklister who he believes “might be a lifeline for him” as his chances at survival get smaller.

“The noose is tightening on Red very quickly,” Bokenkamp says. “He’s in deep waters that are rising. And Friday’s episode is really about bringing the court case to a head.”

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