Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Melissa Fumero Tees Up Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Surreal' Debut — Watch a Sneak Peek

Who’s ready for some Santiago sibling rivalry? 

On Thursday’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC, 9/8c), self-proclaimed superfan Lin-Manuel Miranda guest-stars as Amy’s brother David — and TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at his debut.

As previously reported, Amy and David are highly competitive. “I think the audience will have a lot of moments throughout the episode where they go, ‘Oh, that’s the reason why Amy is the way that she is,” newly christened Performer of the Week Melissa Fumero tells TVLine. “To say they have a strong sibling rivalry is putting it lightly.” 

That much is hinted at in the above clip, as Jake helps Amy mentally prepare for dinner with David and her mom (returning guest star Bertila Damas). “It’s the first time [Jake] has ever really had to ‘husband up’ and figure out his role in the crazy Santiago family,” Fumero says. “He has some husband moments that I think the Peraltiago fans will go nuts over.” 

So what was it like to have Miranda, one of the “Guardians of the Nine-Nine,” play her brother? “It was so amazing and so surreal to have Lin on the show after so many years,” Fumero says. “He was geeking out the whole time, so excited to be there and making up songs about how he was on his favorite show. We were all like, ‘This is so weird. You’re a genius and you’re so gracious to be here.’ He’s the loveliest.”

Assuming Miranda’s first appearance isn’t his last, Fumero would love to see him back for a Peraltiago Thanksgiving episode attended by all of Amy’s brothers. “We’ve literally tried to do that story a few times,” she says. 

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