A Million Little Things' Chandler Riggs Talks PJ's Mysterious Arc, Weighs In on a Future Walking Dead Return

A Million Little Things Season 3 Finale Chandler Riggs Interview

Just when we thought we had a handle on Barbara Morgan’s identity, A Million Little Things threw another budding mystery our way in last week’s episode: Who is PJ, and how will his story weave into the lives of Rome & Co. as the series continues?

Of course, The Walking Dead alum Chandler Riggs, who plays the teen, can’t just come out and tell us that. (After all, this is the same series that has made us wait an entire season to determine Jon’s connection to Barbara, remember?) In an interview, Riggs tells TVLine that his character “wasn’t at the hospital on accident. I think that’s all I’m allowed to say. There’s definitely a reason he was there.” But will that reason become apparent in tonight’s season finale (ABC, 9/8c)? Riggs pauses before answering, “Not necessarily.”

PJ struck up a kinship with Romany Malco’s Rome in last week’s episode, when the younger man read and enjoyed Rome’s first screenplay. The connection between the two will continue, Riggs previews, because PJ is “trying to figure out who he is, and where he stands in his life. That’s why when he reads the script, he’s able to connect with it so much, because he realizes he’s not the only one going through this, that there’s other people that feel exactly like him.”

Though Riggs is no stranger to on-screen struggle — fighting for your life for eight seasons on a highly popular zombie drama will do that to a person — he says he’s happy to tackle something “drastically different” these days. In that vein, he says the chances of seeing Carl in a Walking Dead flashback or vision are nil.

“Back in Season 8, there were a couple of times where there were talks for bringing Carl back for a flashback. It never ended up getting worked out,” he recalls. “For the storyline to make sense, I feel like after so much time — and having a completely new ensemble of characters in the cast — it makes more sense to just let Carl be and have that story wrapped up.”