The Good Doctor Sneak Peek: Glassman Encourages Shaun to Stand Up to Han

Former surgical resident Shaun Murphy is not handling his forced career change well. In the following sneak peek from Monday’s episode of The Good Doctor (ABC, 10/9c), Lea calls Glassman over to try and get through to her roommate, who is struggling with his emotions.

As seen in the previous episode, new chief of surgery Dr. Han (Daniel Dae Kim) has had Shaun transferred to pathology. Despite Shaun’s remarkable diagnostic skills, Han believes that Shaun’s autism hinders his ability to properly communicate with patients. This becomes an issue when Shaun, unable to weigh in on cases, needs more information to determine whether the surgical staff has misdiagnosed a patient.

“I think Dr. Lim’s patient’s diagnosis is wrong, but I can’t prove it without information and I’m not allowed to talk to patients,” he says. “I want to run things. I want to fix people.”

He asks Glassman for help, but the former hospital head is no longer in a position to look out for his mentee. The only way forward, he says, is for Shaun to stand up for himself and fight for his surgical residency. 

Do you think Shaun will be able to convince Han that he deserves to be a surgeon? Press PLAY on the clip above, then drop a comment below!

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