Masked Singer Week 8: Biggest Clues About the Season's Final Three

Masked Singer Spoilers

Only three celebrities remain in costume as The Masked Singer barrels towards its first season finale in just a few days. But why bother waiting when we’re pretty sure we already know who they are?

This week’s episode gave us a double elimination, confirming the identities of the Rabbit (Joey Fatone) and the Lion (Rumer Willis), both of whom have been in TVLine’s gallery of predictions since the very beginning. In fact, with the help of our readers, we’ve successfully predicted every unmasking thus far: the Alien (La Toya Jackson), the Raven (Ricki Lake), the Unicorn (Tori Spelling), the Poodle (Margaret Cho) and the Deer (Terry Bradshaw).

That leaves us with just the Bee, the Monster and the Peacock, all of whom attempted to throw the judges’ off their trails this week with misleading clues. For example, if the Peacock is who we think he is — and remember, we haven’t been wrong yet — there was no need for him to refer to his loving “partner” when he could have just said “wife.” But that would have knocked at least one of the judges’ (incorrect) guesses out of the running, so it seems his strategy of keeping things vague is working out in his favor.

Browse our running gallery of clues and predictions — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own guesses below: Which celebrities are masquerading as the Bee, the Monster and the Peacock?

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