Riverdale Romance Report: Who's Hooking Up (And Who's Still Single)

Riverdale Couples Season 3

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone in Riverdale… and the couples look a lot different than they did a year ago, don’t they?

With the CW teen drama taking a mini break at the moment — new episodes won’t return until Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 8/7c — we thought we’d check in on how everyone’s love lives are shaping up midway through Season 3. Sadly, one of the show’s foundational pairings has already broken up: Archie and Veronica went their separate ways when Archie fled town after busting out of juvie, and both have since moved on to swap spit with someone new. But other couples are still holding strong through all the Gargoyle King chaos… and some lonely hearts were left to celebrate Valentine’s Day by themselves again. (Hmph. Not even a measly box of chocolates?)

Check out the photo gallery to the right (or just click here for direct access) and join us as we take the romantic temperature of Riverdale‘s various couples and singles, from hot and steamy to downright chilly. Got a favorite pair? Think two characters should hook up already? Ready to predict an imminent breakup? Drop your thoughts on Riverdale‘s current love prospects in the comments below.

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