God Friended Me Boss Talks Miles/Cara 'Attraction,' Teases Finale Shake-Up

God Friended Me Spoilers

God Friended Me still has several episodes to air — including a fresh installment tonight (CBS, 8/7c) — before it wraps up its freshman run. But given the show’s recent renewal, TVLine was already on the hunt for season finale scoop when we caught up with co-creator Steven Lilien.

Lucky for us, Lilien had some tantalizing teasers to share about Miles and Cara’s potential romance, as well as the God account mystery.

TVLINE | Has the renewal impacted how you’re shaping the season finale?
You know what? It hasn’t, because from Day One, we knew exactly how we wanted to end Season 1. We have something really exciting planned for the end of Season 1. So the most exciting thing was to actually be able to show the fallout and the progression in Season 2 and not leave it like that.

TVLINE | What’s in store for the end of the season and the finale?
Adam Goldberg is coming on to play Simon Hayes, and that’s a huge arc for us. Along with Parminder Nagra, who plays Pria — she’ll be coming back on the show — and also Henry Chase, [we’ll explore] these three characters and their involvement in the God account. We’ll come to a resolution and give some answers at the end of the season.

TVLINE | What kind of note does the finale end on? Is it a big cliffhanger ending?
I think we’re going to do something that maybe shakes things up a little bit… and maybe change the dynamic a little bit.

TVLINE | In terms of the romances, what can we expect going forward? You’ve been teasing this “will they/won’t they” for a while…
I think with Miles and Cara, the tricky part right now is there is an attraction. We felt it from the pilot when they were up on the bridge, and they were looking at each other. … In the back half [of the season], they’ll start to really talk about the idea of, what if they took a step forward? What if they started dating? What would that mean to the relationship? And if it didn’t work out, where would that leave them with the God account? Because they are doing such a great thing right now, and it is bringing them together. But at the same time, it’s hard to ignore their attraction. So I think our fans will be really excited about where we’re going.

TVLINE | Thus far, you’ve been playing with the idea that there’s a person behind the God account. Is there a possibility that it’s not a person, but that it’s actually something much bigger and spiritual?
Of course. Our characters think they know who’s behind the God account, but it doesn’t mean that they’re right. Anything is possible. I think people will be satisfied with what we have at the end of the season, and there is a continued mystery going into Season 2.

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