Masked Singer Week 7: Biggest Clues About the Lion, the Peacock and More

Masked Singer Spoilers

Let’s be real for a minute: If you haven’t figured out every single celebrity on The Masked Singer by now, you’re not even trying. Either that, or you’re one of the judges. (Angela Lansbury? Really?!)

La Toya Jackson’s name was in our gallery of clues and predictions long before she was unmasked as the Alien on Wednesday. In fact, so was Ricki Lake (the Raven), Tori Spelling (the Unicorn), Margaret Cho (The Poodle) and Terry Bradshaw (the Deer), most of which we felt safe confirming via the delicate science of… Googling their heights.

Speaking of which, we can’t help but wonder if Fox will drop the heights entirely for The Masked Singer Season 2. “We put them on as a graphic thinking, ‘Oh, this doesn’t mean much,’ but it’s not fair to [the judges] because they don’t know the heights,” executive producer Izzie Pick Ibarra told TVLine. (For more answers to all of our burning Masked Singer questions, click here.)

Considering how obvious the clues about the Bee, the Lion, the Monster, The Peacock and the Rabbit have become, it’s actually kind of hard to believe they have any factoids left to tease in the coming weeks. (Really, Lion, tell us more about your Empire.”) Needless to say, we’re more confident about our guesses than ever.

Browse our gallery of predictions — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own below: Do you disagree with any of our guesses for the final five?

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