Celebrity Big Brother Finale Recap: Did the Right Houseguest Win Season 2?

Celebrity Big Brother

It feels like only three weeks ago that Big Brother was kicking off its sophomore celebrity season — because, well, it was.

Season 2 of the CBS reality show wrapped its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it run on Wednesday night, with only five houseguests left to compete for the title: Dina Lohan, Kandi Burruss, Lolo Jones, Ricky Williams and Tamar Braxton. (Confession: This quintet couldn’t be farther from the one I’d predicted at the beginning of the season.)

But before the nine-person jury could crown a winner, there was still plenty of game left to be played during Wednesday’s two-hour finale, including three more evictions. Let’s break down the highlights from Big Brother‘s season ender:

* Ricky won the first Head of Household competition of the night: a Big Brother staple in which contestants had to complete a magnetic puzzle, while constantly swinging back to the other end of the backyard to reset their 20-second timers. He nominated Kandi and Dina, and after Lolo slayed the final veto competition of the season, she chose not to use her power and kept both ladies on the block.

* Just in case you wanted another appearance from Anthony Scaramucci (for some reason), The Mooch briefly sat down with Julie Chen to discuss that twist where he wasn’t really a Season 2 houseguest. Apparently, the hardest part of his stay in the BB house was not getting into a “bad karma situation,” which made as little sense in context as it does out of context. (Oh, and he thinks Trump will get re-elected in 2020.)

* The Kandi vs. Dina eviction resulted in a 1-1 tie, which Ricky broke by promptly sending Kandi out the door. And his reign over the house didn’t stop there! Ricky also won the next Head of Household competition and, just moments later, had to evict two of the remaining ladies.

* Much to the studio audience’s surprise, Ricky chose to take Tamar to the Final Two with him, evicting both Dina and a pretty-darn-bitter Lolo. “Fifty thousand dollars, after he gets second [place] — after taxes and his agent’s fee, it’s really not much,” Lolo shrugged to Julie, insinuating that Ricky’s decision to take Tamar to the end had just cost him the whole game. Hoo boy, these grapes are sour.

* Ricky and Tamar gave their final pleas to the jury, and I was so, so sad that no one could jump in to tell Tamar that she had lipstick on her teeth. Curse you, live television!

* Then, it was at last time to reveal the season’s champion (and recipient of $250,000). The winner of Season 2 is… Tamar Braxton! By a unanimous vote! Fun fact: Tamar is only the second contestant in Big Brother history to sweep the votes, following Season 10 victor Dan Gheesling. As for America’s Favorite Houseguest? That $25,000 honor went to Tom Green.

With that, I hand it over to you. Were you rooting for Tamar? If not, who did you want to see win? Drop all of your finale thoughts in a comment below!

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