Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Was Scaramucci Really the First to Go?

Celebrity Big Brother Recap

Friday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother turned out to be a lot more surprising than anyone could have predicted. We knew that Anthony Scaramucci would be the first person to leave the house this season — he appeared at a business conference in Switzerland earlier this week, where he confirmed his exit — but the circumstances behind his exit were admittedly mind blowing.

“I’m actually not a Big Brother houseguest, but I am part of a Big Brother twist” the former White House Director of Communications revealed at the top of the hour. “Just like I left my mark in Washington, I’m going to leave my mark on the Big Brother game. First off: From this moment on, I’m out of the house. That means you’re all one step closer to the quarter-million dollar prize. The Big Brother house is just like my experience in Washington; you get judged quickly before people know who you really are — and you don’t get a second chance. So I’m giving the current nominees a second chance at safety.”

The Mooch announced that the houseguests would compete in one more veto competition prior to the first elimination, giving one of the current nominees — Jonathan Bennett, Tom Green and Kandi Burruss, whom Ryan Lochte elected to take Scaramucci’s spot — a second chance at safety. (In other news, was anyone else surprised when Lochte flat-out told Burruss that their personalities “don’t really mesh”? Yikes.)

Kato Kaelin won the surprise challenge, using his power of veto to save Green (who’s turning out to be kind of a savage player, by the way). This left a spot open on the chopping block, which Lochte chose to fill with Joey Lawrence. Despite the three nominees’ passionate pleas, the houseguests had to send one of them packing via the season’s first live vote.

Here’s how the votes shook out: Dina Lohan voted for Burruss, while Kaelin, Tamar Braxton, Ricky Williams, Green and Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie voted for Bennett.

“It went really well, Julie,” Bennett said with a laugh during his post-eviction interview with Julie Chen. His advice to future contestants? “Don’t team up with a gold medalist as soon as you enter the house. It’ll put a target on your back.”

Were you sad to see Bennett depart the Celebrity Big Brother house? Were you surprised by the big Scaramucci twist? Which houseguest should go next, and which do you think will go all the way to the finale? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.