The Blacklist Sneak Peek: Will Red Ruin Liz and Jennifer's Plan for Revenge?

The best-laid plans of The Blacklist often go awry — and Liz’s scheme to take down Red is no different.

On Friday’s episode of the NBC drama (9/8c), Red will (briefly) get sprung from prison after the judge grants him a psychiatric evaluation. Mind you, Red doesn’t actually need to be evaluated, but he’ll use the trip to Missouri as a chance to meet with “a man I need to see there,” he informs Liz in our exclusive sneak peek.

Of course, Red’s short stint outside of a prison cell isn’t great for Liz and Jennifer, who work best when Red is behind bars, unable to interfere with their investigation into who he really is. But, as seen in the video embedded above, Liz still has a few tricks up her sleeve that will get her closer to learning Red’s true identity.

“The way in which they will choose to run down this story is not always going to be the same,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp previously said of Liz and Jennifer’s team-up. “They may not always agree… I mean, [Liz] stewed somebody last season. The way in which they navigate this story together is going to be fun to watch.”

Watch our exclusive sneak peek at Episode 6 above, then drop a comment below with your thoughts!

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