The Blacklist Boss Teases Liz and Jennifer's Quest to Destroy Red — See Photos of Their Season 6 Team-Up

The Blacklist Liz Jennifer

The words “family bonding” will take on a whole new meaning in The Blacklist‘s upcoming sixth season.

When the NBC drama returns with a two-part premiere next month, it will give Liz Keen some quality time with half-sister Jennifer (The Purge‘s Fiona Dourif). After all, their joint mission to destroy Raymond Reddington — rather, the man pretending to be Raymond Reddington — will be a rather unique bonding experience.

“These are two women who have very different backgrounds,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp reminds us. “Jennifer was just short of living in hiding in a witness protection program. Liz was becoming a law enforcement agent. They have different mothers. But they do share Raymond Reddington as a father. They both believed that this man was Raymond Reddington. There’s this betrayal that has bonded them, these two very different people.”

Still, even though Liz and Jennifer have a common goal — to ruin Red’s imposter and get to the root of his many secrets — Bokenkamp hints that “the way in which they will choose to run down this story is not always going to be the same. They may not always agree.”

And lest you think that Liz will have a strictly by-the-book approach to taking down the fake Raymond Reddington, Bokenkamp can assure you that The Blacklist‘s leading lady is “not necessarily a squeaky-clean FBI agent” in Season 6.

“It’s probably important to point out that while Jennifer has no real law enforcement experience, Liz not only is an FBI agent, she’s an FBI agent who has arced dark, believing that Raymond Reddington is her father for the past five years,” Bokenkamp teases. “I mean, she stewed somebody last season. The way in which they navigate this story together is going to be fun to watch.”

The Blacklist‘s two-part premiere will kick off on Thursday, Jan. 3 at 10/9c and continue on Friday, Jan. 4 at 9/8c (which will serve as its regular time slot).

Scroll down to see two exclusive snapshots of Liz and Jennifer’s team-up in the Season 6 opener, then drop a comment with your hopes for the new episodes.

The Blacklist Liz Jennifer

The Blacklist Liz Jennifer

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