Legacies Boss Fields Our Biggest Question About Landon Kirby

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As with every mystery in the TVD-verse, Legacies‘ ongoing exploration of Malivore has so far presented more questions than answers — especially concerning the dark dimension’s connection to Landon Kirby.

Legacies‘ Jan. 24 episode revealed that Seylah became pregnant with Landon during her own stint in Malivore, but the “who” and “how” of it all remains in question. TVLine caught up with series creator Julie Plec at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, where we asked if Legacies will introduce Landon’s father before its 16-episode first season comes to a close.

“I would say yes and no,” Plec replied. “Yes, it is something that is going to be unraveled. … We’re meeting-ish.” In other words, don’t expect Landon, Seylah and [insert mystery dad’s name here] to pose for a family portrait anytime soon.

Speaking of M.I.A. characters, Plec confirmed that we’ve seen the last of the Necromancer, at least this season. “Maybe one day,” she said of a possible return. “We left a little window in our story room in terms of what the mythology is that would allow us to maybe see these monsters again, but we haven’t pulled the trigger on that one yet.”

So what can we expect from the season’s seven remaining episodes? For starters, “We have everything from a sci-fi brain-control monster to a classic monster from literature and movies,” Plec teased. “It’s been a lot of fun coming up with the monsters. We’re holding nothing back.”

Plec’s hold-nothing-back approach also applies to the impending finale: “The end of the season truly brings everything to a head,” she said. “We take Landon all the way, face-to-face…ish with his father. We really pay off Hope’s character and her journey from being solitary and not wanting any friends to being a girl in love who’s sort of built a squad around her. We pay that off in spades. We also leave Alaric’s future hanging in the balance. We leave a lot of questions, but it’ll be very clear that we’ve been building to a big reveal and a big moment, and we’re really excited about the cliffhanger.”

Tonight’s episode of Legacies (The CW, 9/8c) marks the Saltzman twins’ long-awaited return from Europe, and we’ll share Jenny Boyd’s thoughts on Lizzie’s homecoming after it airs. In the meantime, drop a comment with your thoughts on Legacies‘ first season below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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