Supernatural Video: Sam Worries About the Consequences of John's Return

As any faithful Supernatural fan knows, resurrecting the dead and messing with time comes with serious ramifications. So even though it’s wonderful that John Winchester (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is back, Sam’s not about to gloss over the possible unintended consequences of his deceased dad’s return in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from Thursday’s 300th episode (The CW, 8/7c).

“It’s Dad! This is amazing, man. I’m freaking out,” Dean tells his brother, who can’t help but wonder how this miracle happened.

“I love this, too, Dean. I do, honestly,” Sam replies before reminding his bro that tinkering with the timeline is a no-no. “You know how this ends. Things change.”

Dean, however, suggests that timeline-tampering could be a good thing if it means he has his family back together. Then as Sam’s about to bring him back to reality, the elder Winchester exclaims, “Just stop. Can we just have one family dinner? Just one. Us. All of us together. That’s all I want. Can you just give me that?!”

Whatever the consequences might be of John’s return, they’ll also come with some much-needed “closure” for Sam, who “gets to reconcile some things” with his dad, Jared Padalecki shared with TVLine at the CW series’ red carpet for the milestone installment. “If Sam could die after Episode 300, I think he’d be alright.”

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Dean and Sam’s very different responses to John’s return.

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