Lauren Cohan Discusses Her Future on The Walking Dead and 'Conversations' About Possible Maggie Movies

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Lauren Cohan isn’t eager to disclose whether we’ve seen the last of Maggie on The Walking Dead. In fact, when pressed on the issue at the TCA press tour, she said merely, “We’ll see what happens.”

Maybe viewers were lucky we got the actress at all during Season 9. When her protracted contract talks with the long-running AMC drama concluded, she’d signed on to appear in only six of the first eight episodesand she’d taken a lead role in ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier (sneak peeking Sunday, Feb. 24 after the Oscars). How bad did the negotiation actually get? “I don’t think it was ’bad,'” she insists. “I’ve done the show for a long time, so it was a long time to be in any character.

“Sometimes,” she continues, “you just get quiet and listen to your inner guidance and [decide] it’s time to multitask.”

If it’s double duty the actress is after, perhaps her popular character could be spun off into a series of movies like the recently-exited Andrew Lincoln’s Rick is going to be. “There may have been some conversations,” she admits, “but everything is so early-days, ambiguous. [Again,] we’ll have to see what happens.”

Deadheads will recall that Maggie was last seen in Season 9’s fifth episode, when, upon seeing the shell of a man that Negan had become, she decided not to exact vengeance on the villain who’d widowed her. Later, we learned that, during the time jump, she’d taken off with baby Hershel to work with the enigmatic Georgie on, so to speak, turning a key to the future.

When or if Cohan reprises her role, she doesn’t have a set idea of the ending, happy or otherwise, that she wants for the Hilltop’s embattled former leader. “I haven’t even thought about it,” she says. “Really.”

Were/Are you hoping Cohan will be back on The Walking Dead? Would you watch a Maggiecentric movie? Hit the comments. (Reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

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