Masked Singer Week 5: Biggest Clues About the Rabbit, the Raven and More

Masked Singer Spoilers

Following Wednesday’s reveal of the Unicorn, TVLine is now batting 1,000 in guessing The Masked Singer‘s mystery celebs. It’s really not even fair to call it guessing at this point. It’s more like… prophesying.

Using the clues provided by the show, as well as our countless collective hours of watching every television show known to man, we correctly deduced that Tori Spelling, Margaret Cho and Terry Bradshaw were under their respective suits. (This may be splitting hairs, but we don’t factor in Tommy Chong or Antonio Brown, since they were both unmasked in their first episodes.)

And we know it sounds like we’re bragging, but we’re really just excited. This mindscrew of a celebrity costume contest has occupied far too much of our brain space for the past five weeks, with each unmasking bringing us one step closer to regaining what was left of our sanity before all of this began.

Which brings us to our gallery of clues and predictions, now updated with the one celebrity we believe is under each of the remaining seven masks. (We even think we finally solved the mystery of the Rabbit, whom we’d previously narrowed down to two members of *NSYNC.)

Though you have everyone figured out? Click here for direct gallery access, then drop a comment with any objections.

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