RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Recap: Which Queen Got Clubbed?

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

Latrice Royale may have been down, but Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars proved she’s far from out. Making the most of her (somewhat) surprising return to the competition, it was she who earned the power to eliminate one of her fellow queens this week. But first, let’s talk about how she ended up back on top…

This week’s episode divided the queens into teams of two (and one team of three) to host their own club night. As dictated by Ru, “each team is responsible for every detail, from the name to the decor to the entertainment, down to the signature cocktails.” Basically, it was a million challenges in one.

As a reward for clawing her way back onto the show, Latrice got to pick the teams, putting Monet X Change with Monique Heart, Trinity the Tuck with Manila Luzon and Valentina with Naomi Smalls — the last of which turned out to be a total disaster. Here’s how the queens’ clubs turned out:

THE BLACK HOLE | Part of me wondered why Latrice would pair Monique and Monet, since they work so well together, but I stopped trying to analyze her thought process weeks ago. As expected, the duo’s space-alien club, which “personifies the mystery and the unexpected,” was a big hit with the judges, who agreed that it “made some sense… and no sense.” But Michelle Visage put it best when she simply called it “stupid fun.” (In other news, I’d like to know where Monet and Monique got that alien baby, though. Was that just… laying around?)

CLUB HIVE | Unsurprisingly, this spot — the brainchild of Trinity, Manila and Latrice — was the best of the bunch. Decorated like the inside of a bee hive, this club was a pun enthusiast’s paradise. (They have a nightly spelling bee, as well as a V-I-BEE section! Come on!) In fact, the judges’ only criticism was Manila’s tendency to scream and overshadow the other hostesses.

CLUB 96 | Here’s where things started to fall apart a little bit. Naomi and Valentina’s ’90s/fashion-themed joint was a solid attempt, but as the judges rightly pointed out, it was “one-dimensional” and it “needed to be more.” The blame, of course, should fall on Valentina, who contributed more problems than solutions while constructing Club 96. (Naomi knew she was screwed pretty early on in the process.) Coupled with a pair of questionable runway looks — Valentina basically recreated her Snatch Game ensemble, while Naomi also gave us a familiar outfit — it was no surprise that the ladies of Club 96 wound up in the bottom.

It also wasn’t a huge shocker when RuPaul announced Trinity and Latrice as this week’s top queens. Valentina gave the performance of her damn life, as she attempted (poorly) to explain why she deserved to stay, while Naomi straight-up threw her partner under the bus for not contributing as much in the challenge.

What was surprising, however, was the result of this week’s lip sync of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round.” From the second Trinity walked out in that old-lady makeup, I could tell she was smuggling a set of saggy boobs under that robe, and I was thrilled when she finally revealed them. Her performance was high-energy and hysterical — yet Latrice was named the winner, even though there’s literally nothing impressive about rolling around on the floor.

Through tears, Latrice chose to send home Valentina. Do you think she was the right queen to go? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.