Supergirl Recap: How Far Did Alex Go to Protect Kara's Secret?

Supergirl Recap

Fresh battle lines were drawn on Supergirl‘s midseason premiere as Colonel Haley made the Girl of Steel an official enemy of the DEO, forcing Kara to get… creative.

While Haley interrogated DEO members, sniffing out clues to Supergirl’s secret identity, Kara and Alex sought Hank’s help in proving that Haley was involved in a deadly alien-related coverup. But just when Alex thought she finally found the smoking gun, Haley turned the tables on her, painting Alex as a traitor for valuing her sister’s secret over the good of her country.

Need additional proof that Haley is a garbage person? Even after Kara saved her from a vengeful alien, Haley stripped Alex of her title and threatened to expose her sister to the world. Hank was able to wipe Supergirl’s identity from Haley’s memory, but she remained determined to figure it out, prompting a heartbreaking twist: Everyone at the DEO — including Alex! — would have Kara’s identity erased from their memories to ensure that Haley could never learn the truth.

Brainy also did his part to help Supergirl in her time of need, requesting a “meeting” (not a date!) with Nia to recruit her as Kara’s “super friend.” He ended the world’s most awkward non-date by handing her a binder of alias and costume options he’s been working on. (In case you missed it, we already know she’ll be called Dreamer. In fact, here’s a first look at her costume!)

Also worth discussing…

* James and Lena kissed and made up after their tense exchange a few weeks back, which inspired her to tell him about her recent scientific breakthrough.

* Sunday’s episode gave us another glimpse of the “Red Daughter,” this time battling tanks as part of her apparent training. One of the officers overseeing her progress asked if she can be controlled, to which another replied that it’s being worked on. (I’m finding myself torn over this storyline. It’s interesting, but if it was burning any slower, it’d be extinguished.)

* If Alex was so desperate to help keep her sister’s identity a secret, why would she speak so loudly about it with Brainy at the DEO? And did she need to address Kara by name while talking on the phone? Honestly, it’s a miracle Kara’s been able to keep herself hidden for this long.

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