Drag Race Sneak Peek: Latrice Royale Declares War on Monique Heart

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

If Latrice Royale gets her way, it’ll be off with Monique Heart‘s head on tonight’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (VH1, 8/7c). This season’s eliminated queens have returned with various axes to grind, but as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, no one is packing more righteous anger than Latrice.

This week’s Drag Race pits the eliminated queens against those still standing in an all-out lip sync melee, and as the most recent contestant to get the chop, Latrice has first dibs. Naturally, the ladies pester her about whether she’ll choose to wrap up her “unfinished business” with Monique or “wreck some other queen.”

“There’s a certain part of my ego that’s a little crushed because [of] … the circumstances of who had the power to eliminate me,” Latrice says of being sent home by Monique. “And that’s just being real … because bitches here are still trying to get at my level in my life and my career.”

That’s when Latrice throws down the gauntlet: “By sending me home, Monique might have won the battle, but I’m gonna win the war,” she declares. “And if you didn’t want this, you shouldn’t have tussled with it. Believe that.”

Hit PLAY on the video below to watch Latrice call out Monique, then drop a comment with your queen of choice.