Grey's Preview: Jackson and Maggie Are 'Still Dancing Toward Each Other'

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Despite their epic blowout, despite his secret interactions with other women, despite her reluctance to open up, Grey’s Anatomy’s Jackson and Maggie are anything but finished. In fact, as Season 15 of the ABC drama resumes tonight (8/7c), the lovers might just be starting to be really good for another, say portrayers Jesse Williams and Kelly McCreary.

Certainly, Jackson would benefit from having his significant other in his corner. Having lost son Samuel as well as his marriage, plus having been reunited with his deadbeat dad and learning that his grandfather was “a really s—ty person, he’s struggling,” suggests Williams. “There was a lot of negativity dredged up around him that has for so long represented him. So a lot of cracks were exposed in the façade.

“And while Maggie’s been terrific for him, people have to fix themselves,” he continues. “Jackson realized that, and that’s what contributed to him taking off on that [spiritual] quest… and developing relationships outside of his romantic relationship. That’s hard for Maggie to deal with, but she’s got all these crappy [communication] habits, so it’s a lot like real life. We come with our baggage.”

And, in the best-case scenario, we unpack that baggage — which the actors hint will be the next step for Jaggie. “Jackson learned something important after his relationship [with April], and one thing Maggie can learn,” McCreary says, “is to not let the opportunity pass by and learn in the moment. So they’re still dancing toward each other and exploring.”

Concludes Williams: “As long as they truly love each other and can be mature and call time-out when they need to, I think they’re figuring it out.” (Reporting by Michael Ausiello)