Masked Singer Week 2: Biggest Clues About the Poodle, Rabbit and More

Masked Singer Spoilers

The Masked Singer‘s second episode introduced viewers to six new celebrities, and while one showed his face at the end of the hour, the other five remain (relative) mysteries, so it’s time to start sleuthing.

With which Alien are we having a close encounter? How did the queen Bee get her crown? Who’s piloting that proud, pretty Poodle suit? Where does the Rabbit get his energy? Who’s under the Raven’s feathers? These are the questions facing fans of the Fox competition series after Episode 2 — and they would be much easier to answer if the show hadn’t (wisely) decided to stop revealing the mystery celebrities’ heights. They’re really making us work for it now.

Still, we think we’ve been able to piece together some pretty solid guesses about the identities behind this new celebrity fivesome. Heck, we’ve even narrowed down which two members of NSYNC could be in the Rabbit costume.

Of course, we’ll have quite a bit of time to weigh our options; this Wednesday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c) brings back the first group of characters — the Deer, the Lion, the Monster, the Peacock and the Unicorn — for another round of competitions, followed by another reveal. (Our gallery of clues and guesses also includes them.)

Which celebrities do you think are hiding under those Alien, Bee Poodle, Rabbit and Raven costumes? Browse our gallery of clues and predictions — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your picks below.

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