Shameless Trailer: Fiona Continues Her Dark Spiral in Season 9 Winter Return

Shameless Trailer

Fiona’s final episodes of Shameless are shaping up to be a real bender. In a new trailer for the Showtime series’ midseason return on Sunday, Jan. 20 (at 9/8c), the eldest Gallagher is still a mess, drinking all the time, passing out and forgetting to pay the bills.

“She do this a lot?” Lip’s new gal asks, looking at Fi passed out on the couch. Lip glumly replies, “Yeah, lately.”

For what it’s worth, executive producer John Wells told TVLine that Fiona still has a chance of a happy ending when star Emmy Rossum exits at the end of this current ninth season — but it might not be a conventionally happy conclusion. “I hope that at the end of the next seven episodes that you’ll feel pleased about where she ends up,” Well said. “But I don’t want to suggest that suddenly everything is rosy for Fiona,” who recently lost her apartment building and found out that her beau Ford is married with a kid.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Kev and V adopt a young boy, and Frank might be a father again, too! When the family points out his shortcomings as a parent and how screwed up all his current kids are, he exclaims back, “You’re alive! Do you know how many parents murder their children?”

Press PLAY below to watch the trailer, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Fiona’s struggle.

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