The Conners Recap: Never Trust Your Lawyer

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Sandy Cohen, is that you? The OC‘s Peter Gallagher guest-starred in Tuesday’s episode of The Conners as an attorney hired to help Dan reap the benefits of an on-the-job injury. 

In the episode, titled “Rage Against the Machine,” Dan gets hurt while filling in for D.J. on his vending machine route, which results in a trip to the ER and a $6,000 copay. D.J.’s employer refuses to cover more than half of Dan’s medical costs (in their defense, he’s not an authorized technician), so Darlene calls on attorney Brian Foster (Gallagher) to fight this battle for her father. Brian assures Dan that he’ll walk away from this with a six-figure settlement. Dan takes Brian at his word, then promises that part of the settlement will be put towards Harris’ college education and Mark’s art class. 

Later that night, Brian returns with a smaller-than-anticipated settlement offer: The company has agreed to cover Dan’s medical costs, but that’s it. Dan accepts the terms, then dings Bryan for getting everyone’s hopes up. Darlene eventually reaches out to the hospital and learns that Dan qualifies for an assistance program, which not only reduces his medical costs, but leaves him with leftover settlement money, which he puts towards Mark’s art class and a month’s supply of mail-order steaks.

Meanwhile, down at the restaurant, Becky’s boss has implemented a no-fraternizing policy. Jackie points out that Becky could use a lesson in boundaries, but Becky isn’t convinced (even after an off screen visit from Lanford’s actual leading life coach Rita Silver). But after being confronted by some rando’s girlfriend (played by Girl Meets World‘s Cheryl Texiera), Becky finally accepts that she’s been seeking validation from men because she doesn’t feel good about what little she’s accomplished in life. The epiphany leads her to sit down with Jackie to come up with a new life/career plan.

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