Star Trek: Discovery: Are Captain Pike and Number One More Than Just Shipmates? (2019 FIRST LOOK)

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Pike Number One

First Look Photos TV 2019Attention on the bridge: Are we sensing a new Star Trek: Discovery romance on the horizon?

In TVLine’s exclusive first look at Season 2 of the CBS All Access sci-fi drama (premiering Thursday, Jan. 17), we meet a pair of new cast additions: Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) as the Enterprise‘s Captain Pike — who helmed the iconic starship before Captain Kirk — and Rebecca Romijn (The Librarians) as his first officer Number One. They’re sharing a meal in the mess hall… and judging by the way they’re looking into each other’s eyes as Number One pushes something in Pike’s direction, they might be sharing more than just that.

Making Pike and Number One love interests would be an interesting wrinkle in Trek canon. In the original Star Trek series, Pike and Number One were strictly professional, but we only saw them in the unaired pilot “The Cage” and the two-part flashback “The Menagerie.” So there’s certainly room to flesh out that relationship — and it’s worth noting that the official Star Trek database says that Number One “harbored a secret attraction to the captain.” Hmmm…

Check out the photo above — and the Season 2 trailer, while you’re at it — then beam down to the comments and tell us: Are you (star-)’shipping Captain Pike and Number One already?

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