Fuller House: Is Stephanie Bisexual? Where Is Urkel Being Buried? Plus More Burning Questions From Season 4

Family sitcoms aren’t exactly known for throwing curveballs, but as we binged Fuller House‘s fourth season this weekend, we found ourselves pleasantly blindsided by the Tanner clan’s more outlandish antics. And now that we’ve made it through all 13 episodes, we have so many questions.

Yes, our list includes some obvious dangling threads (What will Stephanie and Jimmy name their baby?!), but we were also captivated by some of the season’s alleged throwaway lines. For example, was Steve and D.J.’s big La La Land homage merely a collective hallucination? Where is Steve Urkel’s body (eventually) being buried? And did Stephanie really date a girl for at least three weeks?

The events of Season 4 also beg a few new questions about D.J.’s middle son. And if you thought my investigation into his political affiliations was “a reach” (thanks, commenters!), just wait until you read my new theory about what his future holds. (If you need a hint, think along the lines of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Or The Omen.)

Browse our gallery of must-discuss moments from Season 4 — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your answers to our burning questions below. And which of your own would you add to our list?

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