Freeform Mocks Shadowhunters Fan Campaign With Toy Story 'Pop-Up'

Shadowhunters Fans Mocked by Freeform

A joke made during Freeform’s enhanced Saturday airing of Toy Story was no laughing matter for Shadowhunters fans.

As part of the cabler’s “25 Days of Christmas” programming event, Toy Story was presented on Saturday afternoon with “POPnKnowledge” inserts that would deliver trivia or poke fun at events/logic unfolding on-screen (e.g. “If Buzz doesn’t think he’s a toy, why does he freeze around humans?”).

But when Woody at one point consults a Magic 8-Ball, the pop-up pretended he had asked, “Will Freeform save Shadowhunters if I keep tweeting about it?” — with the reply being “DON’T COUNT ON IT.”

Fans of the terminal supernatural drama did not take well to the taunt, sharing screen grabs via social media while also confirming that it actually happened and wasn’t just a joke made during the East Coast airing. Eventually, at least one fan captured the mockery on video (seen below).

Freeform has no comment on the mean-spirited pop-up, while a source at the network tells TVLine that its inclusion within the enhanced Toy Story broadcast was “a mistake.”

Shadowhunters‘ cancellation/farewell run was announced by Freeform in June, instantly triggering a Save Our Show social media campaign that has, among other things, raised more than $30,000 for charities, including those that assist vulnerable LGBTQ+ youth. Yet while similar efforts led by Lucifer and Timeless fandoms bore fruit (the former got saved by Netflix; the latter has a two-hour finale airing Thursday, Dec. 20), Shadowhunters is still set to end with its Season 3B run, which kicks off Feb. 25 (get details).

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