Black Lightning Fall Finale Recap: The Kids Aren't Alright

Black Lightning Recap

Freeland’s favorite star-crossed lovers are still on the run, but as we see in “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two-Gift of the Magi,” Jennifer and Khalil are more Romeo and Juliet than Bonnie and Clyde. They do everything in their power (ahem) to stay together while staying away from family members who want to split them up… and from enemies who want to kill them.

Love on the Run
The episode begins with Jennifer and Khalil taking refuge from her family and from Cutter in a barn. They not only need a place to hide, but also a place for Khalil to rest and heal from the poisoned blade Cutter used to attack him; his wound looks infected, and he looks clammy and weak. Jennifer briefly leaves Khalil to go to the hospital and get supplies. When she is unable to figure out a computer password, she zaps it to get to the meds and flees, almost bumping into her father and sister.

Jennifer gives Khalil the biotics but his condition worsens. Fearing that he’s dying, she leaves the barn to tap into her inner self and get counsel from Perenna. She learns to let fear guide her, and realizes Cutter has come to finish the job on Khalil. Jennifer zaps her, ties her up, and tortures her to get the antidote. Khalil’s health improves, and the two exchange “I love yous” before taking off.

While driving, Khalil tells Jennifer that he doesn’t want to drag down her life just because of his mistakes. She reminds him that she’s the ride-or-die type, and tells him that she’s not going anywhere, as Method Man and Mary J. Blige’s hood love anthem “You’re All I Need” plays in the background. Maybe they are Bonnie and Clyde after all.

Search Party
Jefferson is at Khalil’s aunt’s house, with Anissa and Gambi, when Lynn calls. He tells her that the teenagers are on the run again and Lynn, frustrated and scared, hangs up in his face. Gambi finds blood and guesses that it’s Khalil’s or possibly Jennifer’s. Jefferson and Anissa check out a local hospital, hear that there was a major power outage, and deduct that Jennifer was there. Gambi hacks into the hospital’s CCTV footage to confirm it — and sees Cutter was there too. Jefferson panics and begins powering up in public without his suit, but Gambi forcibly restrains him. Anissa gets the both together, and they learn details about Giselle Cutter (assassin, tracker, martial artist, mercenary for hire, low-level telekinetic). They split up but are unable to find Jennifer or Cutter.

Lynn is also searching for Jennifer. She visits Nichelle, Khalil’s mom, to get any hints that will help her find her daughter. Nichelle allows Lynn to snoop around her son’s room for clues, and talks about her painful family history — one son is on the run, the other is dead, and her ex-husband is a deadbeat. Lynn gets intel on Akido, Khalil’s dad, and literally straps up to meet him. She and the man talk briefly, but Akido doesn’t have any additional information to help her.

Later, Jefferson asks Gambi to increase the voltage threshold in his goggles to track Jennifer. They find her location, and he and Anissa hurry to the barn, finding it empty. Jefferson calls Lynn to tell her he hasn’t found her, and Lynn cries thinking that her daughter may be dead.

Dollars for Scholars
Todd Green, an intellectual prodigy, is turned down for a prestigious grant for advanced encryption. He angrily berates the selection committee for choosing the candidate whose rich father just donated a new research wing to the center. After security escorts him out of the building, he sees an invitation on his steering wheel — from Tobias.

Todd goes to the club, where Tobias calls him the “guest of honor,” and tells him he knows he was passed over for the grant. Tobias tells the young man that he keeps getting passed over for opportunities because he isn’t white and rich, and that the only way to succeed is to change the game. Tobias knows that Todd craves power and control, and even though Todd declines his offer, the $100,000 he deposits in his bank account makes him change his mind. He’s gonna have to learn the hard way that working for Tobias isn’t as glamorous as it seems. It’s a shame when smart people make stupid mistakes.

A New Threat
An assassin who appears to be a meta takes out a bar full of people. He gets a call and tells the person on the other end that the job is done, and is told that his next assignment is in Freeland….

What did you think of the fall finale, and the season to date? Black Lightning returns Jan. 21, now airing Mondays at 9/8c (after Arrow).

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