Arrowverse Crossover Title for Fall 2019 (!) Is Revealed — And It Is a Doozy

Arrowverse Crossover Crisis Infinite Earths

The Arrowverse is going there, my fellow nerds.

At the very end of this year’s three-night “Elseworlds” crossover event on Tuesday night (read our recap), Batwoman (played by Ruby Rose) gave Oliver Queen (Arrow‘s Stephen Amell) a call from Gotham City, to express her concern about newly admitted Arkham Asylum inmate Dr. John Deegan. Because, she noted, the man who for a hot second this week imagined himself a god “has made a friend” in Roger Hayden, who in DC Comics lore is also known as Psycho-Pirate.

“Everything is as it should be, the stage is set…,” Hayden, now donning Psycho-Pirate’s golden mask, gloated to his new neighbor. “Worlds will live. Worlds will die. The universe will never be the same.”

The screen then cut to a title card that said “COMING FALL 2019… CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS,” as in the name of the super-famous DC Comics storyline in which the Anti-Monitor — The Monitor’s evil counterpart, who counts Psycho-Pirate among his main accomplices — is unleashed on the multiverse and begins to destroy the various Earths that it comprises.

The advanced reveal of next year’s crossover theme isn’t a complete surprise, since Arrowverse producers during recent press rounds had hinted that they already knew the plan for next fall.

Are you prepared for the Arrowverse to tackle this major story, next fall? (WARNING: Comic book spoilers may be mentioned in readers’ Comments.)

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