Arrowverse Crossover Finale Recap — Plus, Superman Drops Some Big News

Arrowverse Crossover Recap Finale

The Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” crossover event came to a close on Tuesday night, with what was admittedly the most by-the-numbers installment of the Flash/Arrow/Supergirl three-parter.

The black-suited Superman who confronted Barry and Oliver (aka the criminal “Trigger Twins”) at the end of Part 2 was in fact Dr. John Deegan, having chosen this new form to serve his book-toting god complex. After Barry and Oliver escape SuperDeegan by giving him rugrats to rescue, they seek out Cisco, whom they hope can get them to the true Man of Steel on Earth-38.  In the new reality, “Mr. Ramon” is a crime boss who only stops his muscle, Jimmy (Olsen), from roughing up the Twins because Barry utters the name of Cisco’s brother Dante. Gaining his attention, Barry and Oliver further tantalize him with the idea of getting rid of “Superman” as well as having a whole new Earth to burgle. After 17 apparent tries, alt-Cisco breaches himself and the fellas to Earth-38’s Fortress of Solitude, and promptly explain the SuperDeegan situation. They deduce the doc must have the book stowed somewhere inside his HQ, Earth-One’s STAR Labs.

Meanwhile, Kara is being kept captive in the pipeline at STAR Labs, where Diggle, Caitlin and a saaaad Alex serve at the pleasure of their Superman. Kara is eventually able to appeal to alt-Alex with anecdotes about their childhood as sisters — and her knowledge of what any Alex Danvers truly wants, including a wife and family. Alex springs Kara, but they are quickly cornered by SuperDeegan & Co. Just then, Superman, Barry, Oliver et al breach over, and the Supermen get to slugging it out in the sky. Kara finds the book in the time vault (why the weird, pointless line about heading to the Fortress of Solitude?), then brings it to her cousin outside. Clark opens it and fixes everything, until SuperDeegan shows up and threatens to snap Barry’s neck. Oliver is ready to take out Deegan with a kryptonite arrow, but Barry urges him not to cave into darkness (and save the day). As such, SuperDeegan snatches back the book and flies off, to re-re-rewrite things again!

Barry suggests that to get back the book, he and Kara will zip ’round and ’round the Earth, against its rotation, to slow it (Superman-style) and thus stop time. Clark warns that while he held the book he saw Barry and Kara die attempting this  but the two decide to give it a go regardless. Oliver meanwhile demands a meeting with the Monitor, saying that while he may have #darkness, Barry and Kara are the sort of good, hope-inspiring people the Monitor should want around to stop any… crisis. Meanwhile outside, Lois arrives on the scene with Brainiac and J’onn in tow. As the latter two respectively take on AMAZO and handle crowd control, Lois slams down the mighty hammer spied earlier in the FoS, disrupting Deegan with its shock waves. Oliver in turn fires an explosive arrow into the book, undoing Deegan’s handiwork while turning the doc’s face into… well, I’m not sure what. Oh, and Barry and Kara wind up (barely) surviving their supersonic globe trot.

In the first epilogue for what Kara notes is becoming “an annual thing,” Cisco breaches Kara & Co. back to Earth-38, where Clark confides in his cousin that she is stronger than him — and that’s why what he is about to do is OK. Lois is pregnant, the iconic couple reveal, and as such Supes will hang up his cape for a stretch, while he and his love go live on Argo. (Later in the FoS, Clark crushes a lump of coal into a diamond, Superman III-style, and properly proposes to his baby mama.)

Back on our Earth, over beers, Oliver admits to Barry that he will miss the stillness and clarity that Flashtime provides, after which Barry thanks Oliver for (presumably) talking the Monitor into changing his and Kara’s destinies. Oliver says, “I’m not as good as you think I am — but because of you I might get there someday.” Oliver balks at sealing the sappy sentiment with a hug, at which point Batwoman interrupts with a phone call, leading to this Fall 2019 crossover tease.

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