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Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles, EP Reveal What's Behind That Dean Twist

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s Supernatural.

Dean Winchester, what’s going on with you?!

During Thursday’s Supernatural, the hunter started to experience odd, slightly fuzzy vision while talking to his friends and family. Of course, he didn’t say anything to his loved ones about the unsettling development, and no concrete answers were offered about what’s happening. But given that Dean spent the very beginning of this season possessed by an archangel, it stands to reason that perhaps Michael hasn’t fully departed his perfect vessel.

“It’s Michael-ish related,” executive producer Brad Buckner confirms of the twist. “That’s a big question mark leading into the midseason finale: ‘What is that? What’s going on with him?'”

Buckner also notes that Michael is “out there with an agenda somewhere, and the question mark is, ‘Does he need permission to take Dean over again?'”

Star Jensen Ackles, too, describes what’s happening to his character as a remnant of his possession. “There’s some leftover stuff going on with Dean that is from his time as Michael,” the actor shares. And as much as Dean would probably like to pretend that nothing is wrong, the problem “won’t fade away. It’s actually going to start to fester, and it’ll rear its pretty nasty head.”

So on top of Jack’s ailing condition, Dean now has the dastardly archangel to worry about again, as well — and for good reason. “If Michael re-enters him, he could well be the instrument for the end of the world,” Buckner reminds us.

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