Legacies Boss Explains Scream Tribute and That 'Crossover' With The Flash

Legacies Crossover The Flash

The CW’s Legacies welcomed two unlikely visitors on Thursday’s episode when MG’s nightmares were haunted by The Flash‘s Gorilla Grodd and Scream‘s stab-happy villain Ghostface. But how did these unexpected icons make their way to Mystic Falls, you ask?

“We wanted MG to have a nightmare about a monster from the comic books he was reading, so we asked [Greg Berlanti] and [the DC universe] if we could ‘borrow’ Grodd,” series creator Julie Plec explained Friday on Twitter. “They were VERY gracious. The first TVDU-DCU crossover!” Berlanti’s producing partner Sarah Schechter then told Plec, “I hope you’re doing a nightmare within a nightmare,” which is how the episode’s other surprise ghost — sorry, guest — came about.

Legacies Crossover The Flash“As many of you know, I was Wes Craven’s assistant on Scream,” Plec wrote. “I remember the day that his producer found the mask in the kid’s bedroom of a house they were scouting. The studio tried to have a different version of the mask designed so that they could own it for merchandising. Alas, every different version sucked. Wes stuck with the store-bought mask and Fun World held on to ownership. Making Scream was one of the highlights of my life. It was the very first movie I worked on and it’s where [Kevin Williamson] and I fell in love. And years later, [Brett Matthews] was hired to be the showrunner of Scream Season 3. We were both excited to give Ghostface a shout-out.”

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