Legacies Recap: Along Came a Spider (Plus, Which Couple Finally Kissed?)

Legacies Recap

Legacies expanded its ever-growing bestiary on Thursday by pitting the students against an eight-legged bloodsucker. And Ghostface from the Scream movies. And… Gorilla Grodd from The Flash? (To be fair, those last two were merely special guests in MG’s gloriously nerdy nightmares.)

The episode began with another dramatic school-wide briefing: “Not Now” Dana was reported missing, and since pretty much every bad thing that happens in town has some sort of supernatural connection, Alaric sent a group of his most prized students — aka every character with a first name, minus Josie and Rafael — to Mystic Falls High School on a recon mission. MG proved the least useful soldier, so distracted by Lizzie’s trademark scent (gummy bears?) that he couldn’t even use his compulsion powers, while Hope thrived, earning the popular girls’ trust and obtaining Dana’s favorite cat-ear headband to use for a locator spell.

Fortunately, no spell was needed, as Dana — who wasn’t quite as dead as Alaric and Sheriff Donovan presumed — sauntered out of the woods looking paler than Wednesday Adams. She also had two highly suspicious holes in her neck, leading the gang to deduce that she was in (gasp!) transition. Of course, they probably should have saved those gasps for the real enemy: a horrific spider demon masquerading as a silent-but-douchey football player. (Personally, my big gasp of the night came when Dana literally puked her guts out. That was… a lot.)

Josie and Rafael thought they were playing it safe by staying back at school, but were quickly proven wrong when they walked right into the spider’s trap — er, web — with only one way to break free: make out! As a member of the Gemini coven, Josie needed to siphon magic from an outside source, that source being Rafael…’s mouth. And upon Josie and Hope’s arrival, the three witches — actually, make that two-and-a-third witches — teamed up to take down the spider. Every last damn leg.

But this is still Legacies, where the solution of one problem only means the birth of a new one. Alaric received a late-night visit from Sheriff Donovan inquiring why the entire Mystic Falls High School cheer team is suddenly rocking scarves. They both knew Kaleb was responsible, but they didn’t quite see eye-to-eye when it came to discipline. “If your kids are a threat, I’ll be coming for them,” Matt said, to which Alaric replied, “If you threaten my kids, sheriff, I’ll be the one coming for you.” It was very dramatic. And, let’s be honest, pretty hot.

Also worth discussing…

* Just when I think I can’t love Josie more, she says things like, “As fun as this hurricane of toxic masculinity is, I have to get to class.” I’m also really digging her budding romance with Rafael. They complement each other nicely.

* Not that I’m complaining, but what was with all the DC references this week? First Grodd shows up in MG’s dream, then Lizzie asks him to be the Robin to her Batwoman? If I don’t see Barry and Iris cuddling up to an episode of Legacies on the next Flash, I’ll be disappointed.

* Speaking of references, can we take a minute to process how full-circle it was for Legacies to whip out a mask of Ghostface, the iconic villain from Scream, written by Vampire Diaries executive producer Kevin Williamson? That’s. What. I’m. Talking. About.

* Oh, and what the hell attacked Dorian in the cabin? Do we have a freaking swamp monster on our hands now?

Your thoughts on Legacies‘ latest monster? Josie and Rafael’s first kiss? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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