Manifest Adds Mad Men's Matt Long: Is a New Love Triangle About to Take Off?

Manifest Season 1 Cast Matt Long

Clear the runway for a fresh love triangle on Manifest: The NBC freshman drama is adding Mad Men alum Matt Long in a “major recurring role,” our sister site Deadline is reporting.

Long will play Zeke, “a mysterious new character whose arrival triggers a new relationship triangle and upends the series’ mythology,” per the report. Hmmm… is he a new love interest for Michaela, now that her ex-fiancé Jared is with Lourdes? Or was he also a passenger on the ill-fated Montego Air Flight 828?

Manifest centers on the mystery surrounding that flight, which landed after a turbulent trip to find that five years had passed, while the people on board hadn’t aged a day. Premiering in September, Manifest has been an instant hit for the Peacock network, equaling TV’s best-rated drama launch since This Is Us and landing an order of three additional episodes last month. TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard currently has it as “a safe bet” to earn a Season 2.

Long appeared in Season 4 of AMC’s Mad Men as brash graphic artist Joey Baird, and later played Dr. James Peterson on ABC’s Private Practice. He also starred in two short-lived dramas: Syfy’s Helix, and ABC’s Lucky 7. His other TV credits include Timeless, The Newsroom and Jack & Bobby.

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