Seth Meyers Scolds NBC for Running 'Explicitly Racist' Trump Ad — Watch

Late Night host Seth Meyers took his own network to task on Monday when he criticized NBC for running a racist, anti-immigration Trump ad during Sunday Night Football.

During his latest “Closer Look” segment — which focused more broadly on the “crazy stunts” that the GOP is pulling before the midterm elections — Meyers addressed the 30-second ad, which he called “obviously and explicitly racist.”

The spot focused on Luis Bracamontes, an undocumented Mexican immigrant who was convicted and sentenced to death in 2014 for murdering two sheriff’s deputies in Sacramento, Calif. The ad compared Bracamontes to the migrant caravan currently making its way to the United States-Mexico border from Central America, saying that “dangerous illegal criminals… don’t care about our laws.”

“Any network should have seen it for what it was and turned it down right away, but unfortunately, not everyone did,” Meyers said of NBC. “You couldn’t find anything else to fill 30 seconds of ad time during a game between the Patriots and the Packers? Hell, just give us a livestream of Tom Brady on the sidelines in that giant coat.”

After receiving backlash for running the ad — including criticism from “ashamed” Will & Grace star Debra Messing — NBC decided to pull the commercial, as did Fox News.

“After further review we recognize the insensitive nature of the ad and have decided to cease airing it across our properties as soon as possible,” NBC said in a statement.

Press PLAY above to watch Meyers’ new Closer Look in full — the ad commentary starts at about 1:10 — then drop a comment below with your thoughts.

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