SNL Mocks Fox News' Caravan Fear-Mongering (Minus Baldwin's Trump)

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SNL took aim at Fox News’ scare tactics leading up to next week’s midterm elections… but did so without Alec Baldwin’s President Trump.

Saturday’s opening sketch featured Kate McKinnon as Fox News host Laura Ingraham, warning her viewers that a caravan of “dozens, maybe millions” of illegal immigrants is “headed straight for you and your grandchildren.” (They even threw in a zombie jump-scare with the word “IMMIGRANTS!” to underline the point.)

Ingraham went on to defend white nationalism — “When I hear ‘white nationalist,’ I just think of a fun Fourth of July barbecue… the kind you don’t have to call the cops on” — before inviting on a booming-voiced Judge Jeanine Pirro (Cecily Strong), who shared some footage of the caravan… actually Black Friday shoppers mobbing a store. (Pirro said it must be authentic: “I found it on TruthEagle.gun.”) She added that the caravan includes not only immigrants but “ISIS, the Menendez brothers, the 1990 Detroit Pistons, Thanos and several Babadooks.”

Ingraham took time to thank her few remaining sponsors, including White Castle (“A castle for whites? Yes, please!”) and medical sneakers (“Jealous of your nurse’s style?”), and also offered a few handy tips for black and Hispanic voters. (The first tip: “Never vote on Tuesdays.”) Plus, she revealed Trump’s code name for the military operation to defend America against the caravan: “Operation Eagle With a Huge Dong.”

It did feel like Baldwin’s Trump may have been cut from the sketch at the last minute, though, following the actor’s arrest for assault on Friday. (Didn’t it seem like McKinnon was reading off a prompter the whole time?) The sketch did give a nod to Baldwin’s absence, with Ingraham teasing an update on “disgraced former actor Alec Baldwin, seen here molesting a young Boy Scout,” with a shot of the classic SNL sketch where Baldwin’s Boy Scout troop leader cozied up to Adam Sandler’s Canteen Boy.

Watch SNL‘s cold open above, and then hit the comments with your take.

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