The Voice Countdown: Season 15's 10 Best Blind Auditions, Ranked

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Now that The Voice has finished up its Season 15 Blind Auditions — and actually begun the Battles — it isn’t hard to see (or, rather, hear) which contestants have what it takes to go the distance. Yes, of course, we still have most of the Battles and all of the Knockouts to get through, but c’mon, admit it — you’ve already picked a favorite or two.

Well, so have I — 10 standouts, as a matter of fact. And in the gallery below, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Levine’s best bets have been ranked from unlikeliest to likeliest to follow Season 14’s victor Brynn Cartelli into the winner’s circle.

The singers that I singled out are as diverse as a little girl with a big voice, a hurricane in hip boots, a Dolly Parton sound-alike who pulls off marathon runs like they were mere vocal sprints, and a would-be country star whose tryout seemed so genuine, I’d have sworn that his throat was lined with denim.

To find out if you agree with my picks — or how strongly you disagree — click on the gallery (or go here for direct access), then hit the comments with any omissions that you feel are stronger contenders.

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